Restaurant ZONI


We create a history of a unique district by preserving its idiosyncratic character
there is magic...
magic of the place, magic of the flavors…
magic of the moment...

a place, where:
we resurrect the Polish culture of pairing vodka with simple dishes and we give it a new significance
we revive flavors, smells, sounds and we preserve their unique character
we awake all the senses and we allow everyone to experience these emotions
we discover what has been forgotten and we pay tribute to history, tradition, and modernity
we create trends and original combinations.

the place
is unique
for people who are passionate about rituals, tradition, and history
a place where...
we present a narrative about the Polish culinary identity and you are its protagonist
we show the process of manufacturing distillates which used to take place here
We allow guests to fully experience the world of vodka and vodka nibbles, but we don’t let them immerse completely
We go back in time to evoke all the senses
We lure our guests’ senses to let them experience culinary meditation

Restauracja ZONI
Restauracja ZONI
Restauracja ZONI
Restauracja ZONI