Cocktails - ZONI


Al-Masala // 29,-

Indian, distinct, spicy and sweet flavors with rum and creamy coconut liqueur.

rum / masala chai / coconut liqueur / sugar syrup

Modern Cosmo // 29,-

New York Cosmopolitan in a completely different, enriched way. Cranberry, acrid foam with Aperol combined with citrus vodka, sweet liqueur
and fresh orange juice.

cranberry foam / orange liqueur / lemon vodka / cardamom / orange juice

Stokrotka // 29,-

Margarita is the spanish word for daisy. Thanks to the daisies syrup, cornflower leaves and quality Mexican Tequila, Stokrotka has extremely intense, floral-earthy flavors.

Olmeca Altos / lime / daisy / cornflower

Słońce i Miód // 29,-

All Polish goods in one, sweet and sour, long flavor combination. Starring: Wyborowa vodka, mead, sunflower flakes syrup and smoky finish.

Wyborowa vodka / mead / sunflower flakes / egg white / lemon / smoky whiskey

King Cobra // 29,-

Strong Asian flavors in the form of aromatic kafir leaves with a touch of lychee. Cocktail is just like Cobra. With graceful light movements can knock you down in no time even if you are strongest daredevil.

vodka infused with kafir leaves / dry vermouth / / lychee liqueur

Gdzie pieprz rośnie // 29,-

A dry taste straight from the north of South America. Intense Cuban rum, Mexican red pepper, bitter liqueur and herbal vodka from Trinidad.

Havana 7 / red pepper / Angostura / Campari

Kwitnąca wiśnia // 29,-
A sweet and sour combination of cherry puree, tart grapefruit juice and elderflower syrup.

Pasja // 29,-
A refreshing mixture of passion fruit, mint and apple juice.