Short Kitchen Manifesto | ZONI Restaurant


Short Kitchen Manifesto

When I hold flour in my hands I want this product to be nutritious and healthy, rich in protein and fiber. I want to feel that butter has the same flavor as the butter that I tried for the first time when I was a child. I could make an infinite list because in my kitchen at Zoni Restaurant everything starts with the product. The ingredients that I use are always the best because I know well people that manufacture them. I have met them on the culinary path that I have been paving for the last few years. During this time I established important relations based on trust.

The second foundation stone of my kitchen is the history of our country.

"If we want to understand Polish cuisine, we need to understand the history of Poland first"

I repeat this sentence at Zoni every day. Our Polish cuisine is eclectic and ever-changing. It perfectly reflects the territorial changes that the country has experienced throughout its history. Poland used to be a large country - it stretched from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. It vanished twice from the map. This harsh part of our history turned out to be very profitable to Polish cuisine. It might be one of a few, or maybe the only, positive aspect of such a turn of events. For many years Poland was also a multicultural country. Jews were the largest minority and they influenced Polish cuisine so profoundly that today we consider these influences to be intrinsically Polish. I am inspired by the history, the changeability of our cuisine, Polish culinary habits dating back to the époque of the Slavs, but also contemporary traditions. Every day I try to revive these traditions. I restore what was best in Polish cuisine.

I perceive my work in the kitchen as a creative process. This comparison fuels my work. I wanted to become a sculptor and I just changed the substance of my work. My cuisine is inspired by old recipes and forgotten ingredients. Yet, these are not the only inspirations. I focus on the world around me - I pay attention to structures, colors, and shades. I’m constantly trying to reconstruct and deconstruct them in my kitchen. Pracę w kuchni postrzegam jak proces twórczy.

Nonetheless, my cuisine will not even exist without you - my Guests. I cook because I love people and I love to share my creations with them. I like to repeat that the chef feeds on the reflected light. My aim is foremostly to make you satisfied and pleased with Zoni Restaurant.

Sharing is not just a word for me. I want my Guests to share what I have prepared and served. I would like to revive the notion of a feast, which we refer to as biesiada in Polish. Feast is a pleasant time with your family and friends. This is the time of sharing, spreading joy, and enjoying a perfect company.

My cuisine at Zoni would never look the same without the people I work with. Everything that I share with my Guests is an effect of our teamwork - from the dishwasher, through cooks, bartenders, to waiters and waitresses whom you get to know personally. I would like every guest of Zoni Restaurant to feel that we do not just sell food, but we serve the unforgettable time. All our Guests are equally important to us - from the moment they open the door to the very end. Every day we put our effort into presenting and sharing with you the extraordinary time.

I hope that we succeed.

Aleksander Baron, Chef